Welcome to the Colorbrowser.

This website is a tool for anyone who wants to make a website and is
quickly searching for a lot of nice colors and the corresponding colornumbers.

On a computer it is possible to make 256 x 256 x 256 = 16.777.216 different colors.

To pick quicky a hex-colornumber from a subset of all these many colors, we have
made a colorbrowser, currently containing 17.168 of these colors.

In stead of calculating a color, you can now very easily browse through a good balanced
subset of these 16.7 million colors, from #FFFFFF to #7FFFFF and from #800000 to #000000 .

This browser contains no computer-calculated colors but only colors which have been given
a name and colors which have been chosen by people to be the color of their choice.

This website is closely related to the website: www.iColorpage.com, which gives you
a lot of links and information about colors.

The purpose of this website is simply to be able to browse easily through
many colors and to choose quicky the color of your choice.

Click on the chosen colornumber to see more lighter and darker related colors and numbers.
Click on the keyboard-combination: Ctrl and '+' to Zoom-in or click on Ctrl and '-' to Zoom-out.

As far as we know, this website currently contains one of the biggest
colortables/colorpallettes on a single webpage.

More colors will be added in the future.

Choose quicly the color(s) of your choice and
have a lot of fun building your own new website.

Start Browsing HERE ...